Wafer with additional layer

    • Manufacture of customized silicon wafers with additional layer
    • Service by adding layer on wafers already purchased by customers

  • Option: possibility to provide the oxide thickness for each wafer (Only made after laser identification)



  • MEMS, nano wired, nanotube, graphene, exotic material growth, biochemistry


Core Competences

  • SiO2: High quality, internally made
  • Dry oxidation up to 300 nm from 1’’ to 5’’ (cf fig 1, fig 2)
  • Si3N4 > 150 nm
  • Other kind of metallic layer: Pt, Au, Ag, Poly, Si, Ti TiO2 (Non-exhaustive list )
  • Roughness < 3 Å (AFM measurement)
  • High quality for graphene deposit thanks to the dry oxide quality

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