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  • Automated four point probe tools for resistance, sheet resistance measurements and calculation of coatings thicknesses.
  • X-Ray tools for material analysis and thickness measurements
  • Manual four point probe tools for resistance and sheet resistance measurements.
  • Non-contact optical analysis tools: thickness measurement, crackings detection.
  • C-V measurements, cryogenic stations and mercury probes for material analysis.
  • Four-point probe heads: new and refurbished, all types of four point probe heads for sheet resistance measurements.


Instruments and Tools for Film Thickness Measurements on Semiconductor or Glass substrates Semiconductor Material Analysis: Gate and MOS Analyses, CV Plotting, IV Measurements, Resistivity of Semiconductor and Metal materials.Spare Parts for the Semiconductor Industry. Spares for spinners, lasers, lithography tools, cleaning tools, deposition machines (CVD, PVD and others), quartz and glass parts for the semiconductor industry and for electronics and microtechnology Research and Development.Backend Testing, DC Parametric Testing, Reliability Testing. Cleaning and Etching Benches, Etching Tools, Cup Cleaners, HF Mix Tools, Automated and Manual Benches, Spare parts for wetbenches.

SERVICES we offer

Development of custom solutions for Semiconductor Measurement Problems. Solutions to your measurement needs and custom projects. Installation and startup of your tools, training on-site and online. Measurement services on your own samples. Check if our systems give the results you want before buying! Recalibration of your tool to keep it fiable. You will receive a calibration certificate and the assurance that the tool is working as new. Refurbishing services for spare parts and measurement tools for the semiconductor industry.