Heat Exchangers 30°C – 95°C

Robust, flexible and cost efficient solutions. amh-080 and amh-090 to remplace AMAT 0 & 1 Heat Exchanger, Neslab Steelhead & Neslab Endura, and amh-090-S to work with Mattson Helios and TEL MB Square.

  • amcoss amh-080
  • amcoss amh-090
  • amcoss amh-090-S


Chillers 4°C – 60°C

Proven chillers adapted to replace LAM Dual Loop Chillers and AMAT Centura Chillers.

  • amcoss amh-024 (amh 024-ac)
  • amcoss amh-030
  • amcoss amh-050
  • amcoss amh-060


Heat exchangers amcoss amh-080 amh-090 amh-090-S

amcoss heat exchangers for temperature range 30°C – 95°C
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Chillers amcoss amh-024 amh-050 amh-060

amcoss chillers for temperature range 0°C – 60°C (adapted SMC chillers)
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