Endura MCA-ESCs

Minimum Contact Area E-Chucks

Rework and Services for Heater-Assys and Low temperature Endura-ESCs


Parameters and options

Solutions we can offer

Part function

  • Electrostatic chuck for wafer clamping in PVD process
  • High and low temperature applications (DT, SLT)
  • Minimum contact area dots (Ti/TiN) for protection of ceramic surface
  • Ensure chucking force during vacuum process

Failure mechanisms

  • Thermal uniformity failure
  • Bad uniformity of coating
  • Delamination of coating
  • Vacuum issues
  • Mechanical defects
Coating materials


Coating properties

  • Thickness 3-6 μm (depending on specification)
  • Uniformity ± 1 μm
  • Purity of coating > 99,9 %

Additional service

  • Change of bellow
  • Lapping of ceramic
  • Electrical inspection
  • Helium leakage test
  • Incoming inspection
  • Rework
    • MCA dots
    • Exchange of bellow
    • Lapping of ceramic
  • Functional testing and final inspection

Our advantages

  • Flexible solutions and pricing depending on failure mechanism
  • Individual sputter masks for all MCA-ESCs
  • Functional testing
  • Qualified products at fabs
  • Rework of 200 mm and 300 mm Endura MCA E-chuck
  • Re-coat dots and establish flatness of ESC puck
  • Exchange bellow, electrical components or cables
  • Clean room packaging ISO 5
  • Data logging of relevant manufacturing parameters
  • Qualified in many fabs
  • Turn-around times 6-12 weeks depending on scope of work


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