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Published at 18/03/2021 -  Submited at 18/03/2021 by STMicroelectronics Tours, France -  Refurbishment Canon Exposure Shutter Unit, Part Number : BG3-5450/7360 shipped on 16/03/2021

I only take care of the administrative part of the shipments but I can say that the communication is impeccable Very good service. No idea of suggestion. No idea of suggestion.

Published at 08/03/2021 -  Submited at 05/03/2021 by Shin-Etsu Handotai Europe Ltd -  purchase of Probe tips P/N : PSE-T shipped on 05/03/2021

They are reliable with quick delivery None

Published at 05/03/2021 -  Submited at 04/03/2021 by Microsoft Rhopoint MSGroup, UK -  purchase of Software CV/IV to be used with Keysight E4980A & Keithley 2614B + Mercury probe shipped on 03/03/2021

Helpful Advice, prompt responses, excellent service Very satisfied, no additional suggestions needed

Published at 20/01/2021 -  Submited at 20/01/2021 by NXP Semiconductors -  Maxon Motor SERV.437.32951 shipped on 18/01/2021

cooperate with suppliers to constantly improve product quality. see answer on previous question. Part quality is the key word for this industrie.

Published at 08/12/2020 -  Submited at 08/12/2020 by School of Chemical Engineering and Materials Science, Aalto University, Finland -  Purchase of Cylindrical Jandel Probe Head Type B: 100um radii/1mm spacing load adjustable delivered on 03/11/2020

Delivery speed Great customer-oriented service

Published at 07/12/2020 -  Submited at 07/12/2020 by ST Microelectronics Crolles, France -  purchase of Lenses ASML delivered on 26/11/2020

Good services & atractive prices For improvement, you could make an annual review with the customer of the spare by spare. You could also send a power point detailling your services and reviewing the différent spare you sell every semester or once a year.

Published at 26/11/2020 -  Submited at 26/11/2020 by ST Microelectronics, Crolles/France -  purchase of Probe Heads delivered on 23/11/2020

The relation with this supplier and give some importantes informations for all shipment with the complete details nothing all is ok for us

Published at 25/11/2020 -  Submited at 25/11/2020 by Garmin - Site de STM, Rousset / France -  Repair of Wafertec delivered on 12/11/2020

Wide range of solutions good responsiveness

Published at 24/11/2020 -  Submited at 24/11/2020 by MEMC Electronic Material SPA, Merano / Italy -  purchase of Cylindrical Probe Head delivered on 23/11/2020

Technical and commercial support My opinion about MCD is very good. Qualified people, concrete and quick answers.

Published at 31/08/2020 -  Submited at 28/08/2020 by Irving 80 -  purchase of TMT Calibration delivered on 21/08/2020


Published at 22/06/2020 -  Submited at 19/06/2020 by ST Microelectronic Crolles -  purchase of Extra parts ellipsoidal mirror delivered on 28/02/2020

cheaper and performant, in order to respect our budget improve disponibility and delivery faster

Published at 02/06/2020 -  Submited at 29/05/2020 by ST Microelectronics Crolles 1 -  purchase of Chuck repair delivered on 13/03/2020

Reactivity, transparency. Be a source of proposals for technical improvements.

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