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Collected since 29/05/2020  : 21 reviews

Published at 06/11/2023 -  Submited at 06/11/2023 by Italian Research Center in Catania - Italy -  purchase of a system: CSM/Win + mercury probe and accessories to mainly measure SiC and GaN samples + machine demo installed on 30/10/2023

Direct acquisition from people, without intermediate, proposed solutions, good training and installation experienced. Simple machines with interesting performances The training and assistance during installation is something that should be strongly recommended to clients (as it was for us). For us it was important and satisfying.

Published at 06/07/2023 -  Submited at 05/07/2023 by Facultad de Ciencias - Universidad Autónoma de Madrid - Spain -  purchase of Mercury Probe Station with 6" platform purchased on 01/03/2023

The Hg-probe equipment shows a very nice cost-benefit figure. A close relationship with commercial staff and a fast response to my questioons is also something be appreciative of. There were a couple of defects in the equipment which delayed the setup. One was a minor change, but the other made te quipment inoperative. Maye that could be avoided with a better quality control of the goods sent. On the ohter hand, as I already mentioned, staff response to these problems was fast and flawless.

Published at 12/06/2023 -  Submited at 12/06/2023 by Dipartimento di INGEGNERIA DELL’INFORMAZIONE – Università di Pisa - Italie -  Purchase of Jandel Multi-Height probe delivered on 04/04/2023

Timing and support. I'm really satisfied of my experience with the company. I don't see how can I help to further improve the already excellent service the company provides.

Published at 09/03/2023 -  Submited at 08/03/2023 by AGH University of Science and Technology Institute of Electronics - Poland -  purchase of Jandel Multi-Height probe & Jandel Resisity Test Meter RM3000 delivered on 17/01/2023

great contact flexibility efficient handling of the matter assortment, communication was very well done

Published at 01/04/2022 -  Submited at 31/03/2022 by Welcome, UC Louvain - Belgique -  purchase of PSE-S box of 5 tips delivered on 28/03/2022

products corresponding to our needs, and impeccable service na

Published at 26/07/2021 -  Submited at 22/07/2021 by TDK Sensors AG & Co. KG, Berlin / Deutschland -  purchase of 1 heater blanket + Universal Window for OEMGroup Tool delivered on 29/06/2021

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