Chemical Supply Systems / Chemical Management Systems

Fully automated chemical management systems to handle acids, solvents and caustics used in the semiconductor, micro mechanic and solar industries. Available for the following applications:

  • Chemical Distribution System (CDS)
  • Chemical Mixing System (CMS)
  • Chemical Waste System (CWS)
  • Slurry System (Mixing or Distribution System)


> High safety standard
> Low cost of ownership
> With uptime up to 99,9 %
> Upgradeable system
> Small footprint
> Cross-linking with common commercial available system
> Touchscreen control

SEMI|PARTS chemical management system is a family of chemical mix, distribution and waste systems. Fully automated, the products can be configured to meet exact fab specifications. Each system complies with the highest safety standards and is built to provide the wet bench with utmost protection. The products are specifically designed for the respective industry in which they find application, meaning they conform to the branchspecific purity requirements and other applicable standards for semiconductor, micro mechanic or solar industry use. This ensures the customer has the best cost of ownership. SEMI|PARTS has many years of experience providing customers with both standard and custom products that range from single standalone units to complete fab solutions.
The fully automated chemical management system, is available for the following applications:
> ChemicalDistributionSystem (CDS)
> ChemicalMixingSystem (CMS)
> ChemicalWasteSystem (CWS)
> SlurrySystem (Mixing or Distribution System)
We offer turnkey chemical managements solutions. That systems come with standardized features and functions. In addition, there are many modular options available, providing customers with the opportunity to optimally configure systems to meet specific requirements.

General features of CDS, CMS and CWS

> Housing for 200 l or 1000 l drums/IBC
> Different pum sizes and pipes
> Filter unit
> Roller floor
> Software with color touch screen handling and active flowchart
> Collecting tray
> Empty detection
> Auto-switchover for uninteruptible power supply

CDS available options

> Dual drum with auto-switchover
> Redundant pumps with auto-switchover
> Redundant filters with auto-switchover
> Pump and filter rinse function
> Quick connect system ( AS-Fluid Engineering or Entegris)
> Daytank
> Leackage pump
> Barcode reader
> Exhaust detection
> Protecting gloves
> Flame retardent enclosure (FM 4910)
> UV/IR fire sensor with CO2 extinguisher
> Analytic
> N2 purge

Additional features of CMS

> Automatical mixing system
> For mixing or delution

CMS further options

> Concentration measurement
> Auto-make-up at concentration variancy
> Tank available in a variety of size, number and material