CleanStep Tube

Semi automated tube cleaner for horizontal or vertical quartz tube cleaning.


Quartz tubes placement in CleanStep Tube: horizontally – standard / vertically – option
> Advanced graphical user interface
> Superb production efficiency
> Optimized footprint
> Accomodation of the latest processing technologies
> Superior reliability
> Unique modular construction
> Extremely maintenance friendly


> For cleaning quartz tubes of different sizes

General features

> Programmable tube rotation for efficient tube cleaning
> Basin made of PVDF
> Tanks (dependent of media numbers in use) for cleaning media placed beneath the cleaning basin – bulkfill and recirculation
> Special spray nozzles for efficient tube cleaning
> Integrated DI and N2 (nitrogen) guns
> Drain separation system
> Safety cover
> Easy to operate and control
> Acid saving system
> Fully automated cleaning process
> Enclosure
> Made of cost-effective PP – standard

Graphical user interface

> PLC controller with touch panel
> Secondary touch panel – option
> Password protected for authorized access
> Up to 40 recipes with 50 steps each
> Variable input data (time, speed, etc.)
> Log files for user activities and error messages


> SECS II GEM interface
> Made of FM 4910 compatible material – option
> Also as vertical tube cleaner available