Chillers amh-024 amh-050 amh-060

Chillers for temperature range 0°C – 60°C (adapted SMC chillers)

amh-024 / amh-024-ac
(Air cooled (ac) or water cooled (wc) version)

Proven SMC chiller adapted to replace LAM Dual Loop Chillers

  • LAM TCU2080
  • LAM TCU4080

amh-050 / amh-060

Proven water cooled SMC chillers adapted (equipped with proprietary interface boxes) to replace AMAT Centura Chillers

  • Neslab HX150 (CHX)
  • Neslab HX300


amh-024 / amh-024-ac

  • For cooling of electrodes, electrostatic chucks, ozone generators in the temperature range 0°C – 40°C
  • Special, already qualified chillers for LAM equipment
  • Equipped with a LAM Rainbow platform compatible interface box
  • Different models available
Model Max. bar Cooling W@T° Interface
amh-024 2 Water 2600W@40°C LAM Dual Loop
amh-024-ac 2 Air 2600W@40°C LAM Dual Loop

Other interface configurations possible


amh-050 / amh-060

  • For cooling of electrodes, electro static chucks, ozon generators in the temperature range 4°C – 60°C
  • Special, already qualified chillers for AMAT Centura equipment
  • Special features like conductivity measurement possible
  • Customer specific fluid couplings
  • Optional tray for placing of external DI water cartridge
  • Control touch screen on top cover
    – for selection of local or remote mode,
    – for adjustment of actual & target temperature
    – with password entry
    – for selection of different parameters
    – with display of warning and alarm

-> personalized devices for our customers due to selectable special equipment



Technical Data amh Chillers


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