The entry-level model of the AIT four point measuring systems family.

CMT SR – 2000 N Semi-Automated Sheet Resistance and Resistivity Measurement System

The unit features an automatic contact system. Measurement range (current) is
automatic or manual. The support allows measurements of wafers up to 8’’ (200mm).
The AIT software is included, allowing the download of the data. Speed of
measurement is approximately 3 seconds per point.
Electrical accuracy is 0.5% for V/I of 5mΩ to 10KΩ at an ambient temperature of
23. The measurement range goes from 1mΩ/sq to 2MΩ/sq (Resistivity :
10µ to
Automatized mapping of the wafer is NOT possible with this model.
The JANDEL Probe Head, one of which is provided with the MultiHeight Station, can
be completely customized following the user’s needs (tip radius, spacing, tips
arrangement and load).