Sheet Resistance & Resistivity Measuring System (Four Point Probe System for Glass).

This system, developed by the technical joint of Korea Research Institute of Standards and Science(KRISS)” and “Advanced Instrument Technology(A.I.T)”, is indispensable in semiconductor manufacturing process.


• Measures the sheet resistance & resistivity of Glass, LCD, ITO, film etc.
• Measures for sheet resistance (ohm/sq) & resistivity(ohm•cm) Easy operation by a PC with operating software
• Versatile data analysis functions (Contour / 3-Dimension Map)


Measurement Range:
1m Ω/sq ~ 2M Ω/sq (Resistivity : 10µ ~
Operator simply places glass or film on stage & performs the operating software.
Four Point Probe Head :
Convenient plug-in probe head/adapter assembly permits changing or replacing have worn probe heads in minutes without special tools or alignment fixtures. JANDEL probe head are provided as standard equipment.
Direct Monitor Display:
Test results are displayed on direct PC monitor display.
Measurement Time:
Approx. 3±1sec/point
Electronic Accuracy:
5% for V/I of 5mΩ to 10KΩ at an ambient temperature of 23℃±1.
Maintenance & Service:
The microprocessor based electronics employ state of the art component for trouble free operation and high reliability.
All electronic components mounted on easily replaced printed boards.
Operation Program:
Full remote control (Movement, Measurement, Glass unload, Home position) Various data analyses (Data map, Contour map, 3-Dimension map etc.)
Measurement Dimension(mm) : 370X470(3000S), 550X650(3000M), 600X720(3000L) Customer size(3000C) Operating PC set / Spare Probe Head / VLSI Standard wafer & Standard resistor kit.


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