441-150 Cryogenic

This model provides a shielded, electrically quiet, atmosphere controlled environment for high sensitivity capacitance and current measurements at near liquid nitrogen temperatures, 77°K.

Cryogenic Station by MDC A multipurpose Cold Chuck Station

The MDC Cryogenic Probing System is the ideal companion to computerized C-V plotters to perform doping profile and capacitance-voltage measurements. The Cryogenic Probing System also facilitates a wide variety of other device measurements at low temperatures such as interface trap density determination or current-voltage tests.
MDC Cryogenic Probing Systems are available in a variety of standard and custom configurations with a choice of chuck sizes, and probe configurations.

Key Features:

 For wafers up to 150 mm diameter. Minimum wafer diameter: 50 mm
 Low stray capacitance, BNC feedthroughs
 Microscope stage can move to see all of wafer
 Transparent top cover.
 Up to 5 probe capacity
 Sample to be cooled to near liquid nitrogen temperature
 Sample chamber able to be purged with dry nitrogen to prevent condensation
 Sample chamber can be in darkness to allow for MOS inversion region stabilization.
 Clean room compatible
 Convenient slot to load wafers without removing top of chuck enclosure.
 Probe micropositioners outside dewar for convenient access.
 Seals for probe holders as they pass through dewar wall.
 Heater in chuck to enable temperature variation over the range of 80K to 450K (+2K).
[441H Only], not included with 441 model.
 Temperature controller for chuck. [441H Only], not included with 441 model

Connections to Chuck / Dewar:

 BNC feedthroughs: Up to 5
 Return for dry nitrogen (or vent to atmosphere)
 Dry nitrogen inlet/outlet: 2 (Swagelok, 0.25”)
 LN2 inlet/outlet: 2 (Swagelok, 0.25”)


Facility Requirements
Power: For microscope illumination only.
Coolant: Liquid nitrogen at low pressure.
Purging: Dry nitrogen. Maximum pressure of 2 PSI (0.15 Kg/cm2).
Vacuum: Process Vacuum, 5-15″ (100-400 mm) Hg.
Dimensions: Width 19” (49 cm); Depth 22” (56 cm); Height 12” (33 cm)

CSM/Win Systems from MDC are the ideal instruments to make the most of your cryogenic measurements. CSM/Win Systems include extensive software to perform a variety of tests on semiconductors and MOS devices.
MDC CSM/Win Systems are available with a wide selection of voltage ranges and capacitance, conductance, and current measurement capabilities. Systems performing single frequency, multiple frequency, and quasistatic measurements are available.