Semi Automated TwinStep

Designed for up to 50 wafers 1Semi-automated wet bench system for wafer cleaning, etching, stripping or developing.

Semi-automated wet bench for various applications


> New designed, semi-automated wet bench
> 1 chemical tank (back), 1 rinse tank (front)
> Various etch and cleaning processes
> Modular system adaptable for customers application
> Multiple recipe tasking
> Processes are reproducible
> Optimized footprint
> Robust wafer handling system
> Superior reliability
> Easy move in and low installation effort


Available Training

Operator, maintenance and process

Built To Comply With

> FM 4910
> SEMI S2 and S8
> CE

Available Options

> Automated loading station wafer transfer
> Wafer ID reader
> Wastewater management system
> Locally installed chemical cabinets for the dilution, mixing and preheating of chemical solutions
> DI-water heating system
> Mini-environments
> Concentrate monitoring system
> POU filtration of DI-water
> Fire suppression system for solvent applications
> UPS units
> etc.

General Installation Data

TwinStep™ – General
> Automated and secured I/O window
> 10,4″ touch panel with user friendly GUI
> Rinse module in the front
> Chemical module in the back
> Sidewards appropriated handling system with agitation (f=0,6 Hz)
> Exhaust on the top of the tool
> Electrical cabinet and facility connections on the backside
> FFU slot on the top

Reliability (figures based on actual tool performance)

MTBF ≥ 800 h
MTBA ≥ 300 h
Uptime ≥ 97 %
Can be delivered fully assembled


> Optimized footprint
> Dimesions (LxWxH): 900 x 1625 x 2000 mm
> Easy maintenance from the tool front (QDR) and backside (Chem.)

Graphical User Interface

> AP&S Software Interface with 10,4″ VGA color touch panel
> Process overview
> Active flowchart
> Multiple recipe tasking
> Multi level password
> Service interface
> Log-files with USB export function
> Hardware control (e.g. I/O window)
> Ethernet connection for service notebook at the tool front and back
> Remote control via internet