Multiposition Wafer Probe

The probe is available in two sizes at the same cost. One size is for wafers up to 150mm diameter and the second for wafers up to 200mm diameter.

Multiposition Probe Stand

If small sized wafers are to be measured the smaller version is more suitable for placement of the wafers on the measurement table. The Θ movement clicks in four positions at 90 degrees and the linear movement in up to 10 positions giving repeat placement accuracy of +/- 1mm.


Max. sample size

150mm wafer (200mm wafer on request at no extra cost)

Max. sample thickness

Samples up to 4mm thick can be measured


Prevents current flow when probe is not in contact with the sample

Manual Control

Simple lever operation for probe contact and removal

Simple set up

Single wire connects the probe stand and measurement equipment

X-Θ Stage

Repositioning accuracy of +/-1mm

Available Probes