Universal Probe Station

Highly repeatable needle contact conditions. Custom adjustable needle loadings which directly indicate the set load.

Micrometer controlled slice displacement. Four-point measurement of wafer resistivity and measurements of three-point spreading resistance. Hinged steel cover to exclude effects of light and eliminate electrical interference. Universal Probe for use in making both four point probe measurements and 3-point spreading resistance measurements. The maximum sample size is 76mm. There is an X-Y stage offering micromanipulation over 25mm for use in targeting small samples or for micro movements during spreading resistance measurements. All four probe needles are individually adjustable for load and the needles can be individually replaced by the end user.


Max. sample size

76mm diameter

Max. sample thickness

Samples up to 4mm thick can be measured


10-100g user adjustable on each needle

Manual Control

Press button for contact, lift leverto reset

Simple set up

Single wire connects the probe stand and measurement equipment

X-Y Stage

Micrometer controlled over X-Y 25mm


User replaceable needles

Light shield

Hinged light shield covers entire measurement apparatus

Note: 3-point Spreading resistance measurements are a specialist area of measurement which require careful preparation of samples and in depth knowledge of the measurement process. Unfortunately we are NOT able to advise on sample preparation and measurement process for this type of measurement.